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You're probably wondering where the word "Maultsby" derived from or why the connection to bath crumbles? Maxie Clarence Maultsby Jr., M.D. was a psychiatrist and a renowned author on human emotional regulation. He won many awards for his work and practice in the psychology field. What I love most about Maultsby was his dedication to helping humans evolve in self-management. He created the term Rational Behavior Therapy and founded The non-profit, "The International Association for Clear Thinking, Inc."
Not only was he a Black trailblazer, but a professor at Howard University known as a HBCU. His work on self-coping skills helped me realize that coping starts with me. I have to control the tools in my toolbox. I have to find coping skills that best assist me. I have to find counselors and mentors to help when I'm in need.
These bath crumbles give you ultimate peace, concentration, and assists with soothing mental health disorder/symptoms. They include all the ingredients to help with: your emotions, physical- through the use of specific essential oils that relax the body, and mental wellness.
I can go on and on about his impact on my life, but his name says enough. Here's to Professor Maultsby, M.D.

Assists & or promotes:

Insomnia, Muscle relaxation, joint tightness, Anxiety/panic, Depression, ADHD, Addiction, OCD, Sinus/allergy congestion, Dissociative Disorder: Memory and Awareness, Depression, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Multiple disabilities, emotional disturbance, Bipolar, personality, mood disorders, Menstrual relief, headache/migraine, Balances Chakras, Promotes alertness.


Note: Since we do not use Polysorbate 80, our Bath Bombs may cause slight tub stains. Polysorbate 80 is used in the food and beauty industry to help link the color to the oils used in the products. Some companies even use Corn Starch as a way to help bond the colors and oils together. Although I'd love to produce a product that includes Poly80, it's unhealthy for the skin. It causes dryness and irritation. I decided that although no one likes tub stains, it's better than having an inorganic product.

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